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Alokai Online Technical Meet-ups

Technical Meet-ups are a series of online events where our community comes together to learn about Alokai’s latest features, see real projects showcased by our partners and customers, and learn about industry trends.

Wednesday, Jun 12, 2024 |4 PM CET |10 AM ET

Ben Field-Johnson

Growth Dictor at Brave Bison


Mateusz Ostafil

Developer Advocate at Alokai

Join our Technical Meet-ups to be the first to hear about Alokai’s latest product releases, network with link-minded professionals, learn about eCommerce trends and get a chance at winning some tailored merchandising ;)

You’ll learn about:

  • Alokai latest product releases
  • Alokai Project showcase - presented by a partner or customer
  • Brown-bag Session covering relevant eCommerce topics and how Alokai powers them through our platform (examples: i18n, Web Performance, Theming, Cache, SEO, etc.)
  • Merch Raffle - we will be raffling 1 swag-box with a t-shirt, a cap and a mug, per meet-up