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VSF Essentials Course

Choosing to go composable is a smart decision. But doing it alone can be risky. At Alokai, we want to be your guide through the intricate world of headless eCommerce and that’s why, today, we’re announcing the launch of our Essentials Course 🚀

What’s the Alokai Essentials Course and who was it designed for?

By participating in this 20-minute course, professionals, especially those from technical backgrounds, will gain a foundational understanding of Alokai and will be empowered to kick-start their journey in leveraging this technology. Participants will receive clear answers to prevalent questions such as: What exactly is Alokai? And, what is headless eCommerce?

This course offers more than just answers; it provides participants with essential tools and insights to assess whether integrating composable commerce is the apt solution for their individual and organizational needs.

What can I find in the Alokai Essentials Course?

You’ll gain a balanced understanding of both theoretical knowledge about what our product is and does, plus what problems it helps solve, while at the same time, you’ll access a sneak peek at what’s under the hood: our product’s architecture, how we handle extensibility, our Cloud resources, and others. We are aiming to add different technical tracks to the Alokai Academy over the upcoming weeks, besides this umbrella vision over the world of Alokai, you’ll also get to go deep into each one of our products and integrations. The comment box below is perfect for content suggestions, we promise we’ll read them all 😉 

More over, the Essentias Course is free of charge and, if you complete it, it will give you access to a certification- but first, you’ll need to put your knowledge to a test. What better way to do it than with a good old quiz? If you get 80% or more of correct answers, you’ll get a personalised diploma, which you can then use to update your Linkedin, or share with our Discord community.

And now that we’ve covered all the theory, it’s time to get your hands dirty with the course itself 👇

Start your Alokai Essentials Course now 👉 Alokai Essentials Course

And don’t forget to brag about your certification, if you earn it, on social media - the first 10 users to pass the quiz and tag our official twitter or linkedin accounts get access to a Alokai swag box (we know you love your swag 💚).




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