Alokai Storefront: a complete ecommerce accelerator

Build a complete ecommerce storefront in a blink of an eye with Alokai Storefront! Now running on the most popular frontend frameworks: React and Vue.js.


Focus on building what moves the needle

This pre-built solution takes you straight to a fully functional store, complete with user journeys from homepage to checkout and user account management. No more starting from scratch - shorten your development time and focus on what matters most, the customer experience.


Accelerate development and scale when you're ready!

Out-of-the-box integrations

Alokai Storefront comes pre-integrated with your ecommerce backend, headless CMS and search of choice, which you can easily update later

Flexibility to change backend

Unified Data Layer allows you to switch your backend whenever you’re ready, without affecting your frontend and CX

Global scaling made simple

Explanding your global presence has never been easier thanks to facilitated deployment of new stores in various countries and currencies

Modules: Power up your storefront

Modules are extensions that enhance your storefront's capabilities. Once a module is added, it integrates seamlessly, providing additional UI components and & SDK methods that bring new features such as product page list view, quick order form for B2B, or alternative checkout flow, with many more to come.


Build your entire customer journey with Alokai

Suitable for B2C & B2B businesses

Alokai Storefront supports common B2C and B2B customer journeys, offering modules to extend capabilities for selected backends.


Quickly add new functionality on top of the working storefront as well as create custom integrations.

Built with Storefront UI

Our Tailwind CSS-based component library facilitates building custom design systems for ecommerce.

Rich ecosystem of composable integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations with commerce backends, the most popular CMSs, and search platforms.

Compatible with your current stack

Ensure a seamless connection with your existing systems without a total overhaul. Connect any API, custom PIM or ERP system.

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Storefront deployed on Alokai Cloud allows you to leverage fast infrastructure and ecommerce monitoring.


Discover the full potential of Alokai ecosystem

See how seamless the transition to composable commerce can be and halve your time to market: