Alokai Console: Ecommerce monitoring has never been easier

Monitor and manage your live storefront in a few clicks thanks to Alokai Console! Easily keep up with the key metrics, like memory and CPU or memory usage, request latency, or response codes. React to any issues almost instantly thanks to our advanced alerting and reporting solution. And eliminate unnecessary spending.


Frontend infrastructure monitoring for enterprise-grade ecommerce

Ensure top-notch data protection and better web performance with Alokai Console – your new admin tool for frontend monitoring built for online retailers.

React to any production issues instantly

Time is money and any issue with deployment can cause dramatic financial consequences. With Alokai Console you get 24/7 monitoring and alerting, catching every unexpected spike in resource usage, uptime, or response codes. Set your own company policy for alerting and never miss an important update again!


Drive web performance to meet customer expectations

Your store performance directly translates into your company’s revenue. Longer loading times or poor customer experience on mobile can cost you thousands of dollars in revenue every day. Monitor and manage your store’s performance with regular audits and avoid any unpleasant surprises with Alokai Console.


Bet on security and transparency with logs

Protect your store against any performance and security issues, malicious activity, or troubleshooting thanks to logs and easily share them with your team members. Alokai Console will store that information and help you adjust your processes to avoid similar issues in the future – all within the same dashboard.


Frontend infrastructure monitoring made simple

Redis metrics

Troubleshoot problems faster and understand your Redis usage better

Replicas details

Track and preview all details and the active status of available replicas

CDN metrics

Oversee all your CDN performance and optimize the delivery

Deployment history

Track all the deployments made to your storefront application

Resources monitoring

Monitor CPU and memory usage, receive alerts for any unusual spikes

Uptime reports

Keep an eye on the health status of your product pages & categories


Console works best with Alokai Cloud

Use Console to manage and monitor your Alokai Cloud setup: create new environments, manage and monitor deployment processes, and discover the full potential of Cloud hosting with Alokai.