Alokai Connect: All your services in one place with data orchestration

Create your eCommerce frontend of pre-built, ready to customize components. Leave all the repetitive groundwork behind and cut time-to-market by up to 8 months.


Gain flexibility to build the composable stack you envision, faster

Rely on premade integrations with modern headless CMSs and market-leading eCommerce platforms like SAP CC and Salesforce CC, or connect your current PIM or ERP systems to build the stack that supports, not limits your business. Whether you want to make a step-by-step transformation or start from scratch, Alokai supports you.

Get to the market up twice as fast

Focus on innovation that drives customer experience and revenue and forget about trying to navigate complex workflows, Alokai will do it for you! Allow your team to iterate faster with an ecosystem of integrations and pre-built ecommerce components ready for implementation.


Data personalization has never been easier

Deliver personalized experiences to every customer thanks to orchestrating all data under one API. Alokai Connect makes it easier and faster to personalize product feedback, customize pricing, and suggest tailored product recommendations. Glue all the different systems together with Alokai Connect and elevate your customer experience to new heights with ease!


Unscramble the spaghetti code once and for all

Improve performance

Move logic to the server and ship less code to the browser for the optimized performance


React and Vue.js come out of the box, but you can also use any framework with Alokai Connect


Connect third-party APIs, create new integrations, or customize and extend existing ones easily.

A robust selection of ready-made integrations

We partner up with the market-leading composable commerce solutions including headless CMSs, enterprise ecommerce backends, payment systems, and more to help you drive outstanding customer experience, faster and simpler.

Connect integrations

Data orchestration layer: Connect everything, faster

Optimizing server requests through data integration and orchestration is essential for frontend performance. Connect all the elements of your system’s setup under one API and minimize the amount of requests for an undisturbed user experience.


Unified Data Layer: Modify backend, preserve frontend

This is the first and only truly composable solution on the market! Thanks to Alokai’s data normalization you can switch between different ecommerce backends, without impacting your frontend. So if you decide to switch to a new backend platform in a few years, your frontend will remain intact.


Alokai Connect pairs perfectly with Alokai Cloud

Get more from your Alokai experience and host your entire application with Alokai Cloud. Leverage multi-region presence with global CDN for optimized performance, bet on security with the latest ISO standards, and eliminate human error with automated deployment and data backups!