Composable commerce made simple, with Alokai

Alokai (previously Vue Storefront) provides all the necessary tools for you to embrace composable commerce and start the digital transformation for your ecommerce business hassle-free. We simplify composable architecture, provide guidance every step of the way, and accelerate your implementation process ensuring faster time-to-market and maximized ROI.


Build your next storefront and get to market faster with Alokai

No more wasting months on repetitive groundwork – focus on the user experience side of things and put frontend first. From out-of-the-box components to comprehensive Cloud infrastructure and data monitoring, we’ve got you every step of the way.


Storefront UI: Accelerate your development with our design system & UI components library

Storefront UI is a completely free, open-source library of ready-made UI components designed specifically for ecommerce. Built for React and Vue.js, Storefront UI significantly speeds up frontend development of modern online stores.


Alokai Connect: Glue all your ecommerce services together

Thanks to Alokai Connect, you can unite your ecommerce platform, CMS, and all third-party vendors in one place. Forget about spaghetti code once and for all and see how simple composable commerce can get!


Alokai Cloud: Simplify your deployment process and address all security concerns at once

Lower your TCO and handle the highest demand spikes with ease thanks to auto-scaling. Maintain peace of mind with the global network of CDNs for maximum reliability of your international operations. Minimize the risks and increase efficiency with the latest Cloud solutions!


Alokai Console: Monitor and manage your live storefront from a single dashboard

Keep up with the key metrics of your storefront and react to any issue instantly thanks to real-time alerts. Eliminate unnecessary spending and get your data under control with our frontend monitoring solution.


Still not convinced? Try it out!

See how simple composable commerce can get, without replatforming!