Highly-scalable Storefront for Your Bloomreach CMS

Set up new eCommerce stores at a fraction of the cost and time with Alokai and Bloomreach CMS to cut the development cycle and achieve high ROI.

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Create and change your web stores with lightning speed

Use Alokai out-of-the-box integration for Bloomreach to cut the dev timeline and deliver a smooth, mobile-first experience five times faster.

Increased velocity

Use flexible Alokai frontend for Bloomreach CMS to ensure proper segregation of duties between developers and marketers and boost your eCommerce business performance with the robust composable commerce stack.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Focus on business logic and cut development costs with ready-to-customize storefronts for Bloomreach. Build your software architecture around this setup, applying ready integrations with best-of-breed eCommerce solutions or third-party tools of your choice.

Fueled web performance

Drive your online sales and a stellar customer experience with lightning-fast storefronts for composable commerce and market-proven Bloomreach CMS.

Achieve high ROI and uplift eCommerce revenue with a pre-composed setup for Bloomreach

Develop with the speed of your customer using the Alokai framework for Bloomreach as a catalyst to ensure mobile-first customer experience and accelerate your composable commerce journey.

Frontend as a Service

Use market-proven storefronts for composable commerce to build web stores at a fraction of the cost and time.

Progressive Web App

Apply the PWA approach to create mobile-first experiences and achieve better web performance.


Uplift web performance with best-of-breed frontend to drive high conversion rates and revenue.

Flexible content management

Provide your marketers with more control over the UI, allowing them to manage styles, layouts, and text via Bloomreach.

MACH Architecture

Build Microservice-based, API first, Cloud-native, and Headless architecture to ensure long-live and flexible eCommerce operation.

Truly agnostic

Compose Alokai and Bloomreach with pre-integrated eCommerce platforms, payment, and search tools of your choice to build a robust tech stack.

Drive your composable commerce way with seamless integrations

Use out-of-the-box integrations to connect Alokai & Bloomreach setup with best-of-breed eCommerce platforms, or develop a robust connection with the backend of your choice with Alokai Custom API orchestration.


Jump-start your composable commerce journey with seamless integrations

Enhance your Alokai & Bloomreach setup by utilizing pre-existing integrations with top-notch eCommerce platforms, search and payment providers. Alternatively, you can establish a robust link with your desired backend using Alokai Custom API orchestration.


Create frictionless digital experiences

Compose highly-flexible Alokai frontend features with broad Bloomreach CMS functionality to deliver mobile-first experiences.

Experience Manager


Customizable Navigation

Dynamic content management

AI-powered site search

SEO optimization

Build your eCommerce stack with MACH principles in mind

Go composable with two MACH Alliance members to create a harmonized Microservice-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless architecture for advanced business flexibility.


Looking for more details?

Take a closer look at the capabilities of Alokai pre-composed setup for Bloomreach.


Compose your eCommerce stack with best-of-breed technologies

Elevate your eCommerce game: apply Alokai for Contentful to use out-of-the-box integrations with top-performing eCommerce platforms or create custom connections with tools of your choice effortlessly.


Ready to dive in?

Request a demo to explore how to complete a composable commerce journey 5 times faster.