About Alokai

Alokai is the best starting point for your headless commerce project. We call it the head that brings headless commerce to life.

Alokai Core Values

Vibe, self-driven, and focus are our values and we want to grow everyone, who has a hunger for more and the drive to align with them!


You say what does not fit. You give feedback, and you listen to critical feedback as well.


Everyone's opinion is essential, but ownership is more important. You understand that someone has to take responsibility for the decision and how it affects the whole product or company.


You stay aligned with what and how we act as a company. You move your WIGs (Wildly Important Goals) further. You take responsibility for your work and overlook the health of that area

What you get

We support you at every stage. Check the benefits of working at Alokai


Decide on your development. Go to a conference, learn a new language or buy a selection of books in your field

Choice of equipment

You choose which equipment will work best for you

Remote work

In most projects, each specialist can work from any location they only want.


Every specialist has an assigned person who takes care of their career development.

Flexible working hours

You're not an early bird? You can work for us when you are the most productive.

Private health care

We have several packages from two suppliers to choose from, without waiting in queues.

Learn more about headless commerce

Explore essential resources to boost your online business growth. Discover how to build your eCommerce website with a Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-Native and Headless approach.



Click & Collect

Click and collect model gives consumers the freedom to online researching, comparing, ordering, and paying for products online, but then pick them up in-store.



Go headless

How can you build the best headless stack for your eCommerce? Check out the ultimate ‘Go Headless’ eBook, which showcases the perfect blend of Alokai and commercetools



MACH approach to ecommerce

MACH-based solutions can be adopted relatively quickly, bringing measurable benefits. Download the eBook to learn how to implement this new paradigm for building a future-proof eCommerce.


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