A global beauty marketplace achieves a 86% higher conversion rate and 54% faster page load time with Alokai




Higher conversion rate from organic traffic


Faster page load time

About Wonect

Wonect is a globally operating marketplace founded in 2015 that sells Japanese beauty products worldwide. Over a year ago, it encountered the typical challenges that every rapidly growing online entity faces as it scales up. Here is how they addressed them.

The Challenge

The founding idea of Wonect was always ambitious. Even though its initial focus was on selling cameras to photo enthusiasts, the team aimed higher. They didn't want to limit themselves to one category of products and reach a narrow audience. Instead, they aspired to introduce and share the entire Japanese lifestyle with the world by offering the most appealing Japanese goods.

However, the global scale of operations soon presented challenges. First, Wonect needed to ensure a consistent user experience across all countries, compatibility on various devices, and fast page load times, recognizing that time is money.

Wonect was aiming to:

  • Create an international website with a clear and intuitive interface
  • Improve page load time speed and reduce the bounce rate
  • Provide mobile device users with a more satisfying, native-like experience


Wonect's developers conducted an in-depth analysis and concluded that a JavaScript stack comprising Node, Express, and Vue would offer the performance and user interface experience they were seeking. Alokai, consequently, proved to be the perfect technological match.

Alokai not only provided a readily available solution but also addressed critical issues common to eCommerce businesses, while allowing for necessary customizations. Additionally, being an open-source solution, the engaged community played a significant role in sharing ideas to enhance efficiency and usability. The Wonect team found Alokai easy to use and enjoyable to work with, and the community's support in resolving any issues made it even more user-friendly.



Thanks to implementing Alokai, Wonect has been able to:

  • ensure a 86% higher conversion rate from organic traffic;
  • reduce page load time by 54%.

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