GCP Academy Alokai<>Google

Join the Academy and become a Google Cloud Platform Ninja Warrior


Google Cloud Platform Academy

Throughout the GCP Academy, participants will work in pairs on a given business case, developing their ideas/solutions as the course progresses. Their final task would be to present the solution to all trainers and participants during the face-to-face meeting at the end.


Learning journey

Kick-off with Tim Drijvers, CTO

Serverless solutions

Understanding serverless architecture building blocks and how this approach can improve application design and reduce operational overhead

Cost reduction

Right sizing, auto scheduler, spot instances, understanding the technics that allow resolve the technical problems in the most cost effective way without sacrificing requirements and while keeping flexibility and scalability in the architecture

Cloud security

Understanding tools and methods to harden security in the cloud ecosystem and how to protect against the most common threats

Performance monitoring and optimization

Identifying monitoring and addressing the performance bottlenecks in the complex distributed cloud environment

Time series data storage and analytics

Understanding how to effectively collect critical data points and KPIs and build insights based decision


Get ready to unleash the full potential of your apps understanding the centralized fleet management multi-cloud solution that allows to reduce the operational overhead and management burden

Summary of the Academy at Google’s office&celebration


The top notch Google Experts explaining their cutting-edge technology solutions in tailored made training sessions altogether with available robust knowledge base help our Engineers to elevate to the next level of expertise and sky-rocket their skills. Hands-on labs and real life case study allow the participants to verify the gathered skills in the battle. Great initiative with Google.

Jarek Karpiak
Engineering Manager

We're building a state of the art Cloud hosting platform. To support our engineers in this challenging project, and since we never stop learning, we have teamed up with Google to create a tailor-made training program, our own GCP Academy.

Tim Drijvers