From monolith to composable with SAP CC

The retail landscape is evolving, and so should your technology. Break free from the constraints of legacy systems and embrace the agility of headless with Alokai. Seamlessly integrate with SAP CC, ensuring your transition is smooth, risk-free, and tailored for the future of retail.


Join the 2,400+ eCommerce companies using Alokai

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Seamless bridge between SAP CC and headless architecture

Alokai becomes your gateway to modern and flexible architecture.


Headless frontend opens your doors to innovation

Decouple frontend from the backend layer, then easily pull together your preferred eCommerce stack, including custom-developed APIs. Develop in an agile, iterative way, deploy new features faster, without legacy constraints.


Ready-to-use integrations are a huge key. Alokai shaved at least 50% of our dev timeline.

David Ting
CTO, Zenni Optical

Less stress to get to headless

With Alokai's truly composable approach and broad ecosystem of integrations, you can transition to a modern, flexible architecture without disrupting user experience and conversions.


Alokai got us to market in 6 months instead of 14-16.

Stephen Jacobson
VP of Engineering, Press Hall

Empowering business, elevating experiences

Connect with modern headless CMSs or search solutions faster with ready-made integrations. Give your business teams the autonomy to elevate customer experiences, free from IT dependencies.


Why Alokai for SAP CC?

Your stack, your rules

Avoid the constraints of costly vendor lock-ins. Choose a modular strategy over a monolithic “all-in-one” eCommerce suite, getting full control over your digital operations.

Faster Time-to-Market

We built an entire ecosystem of eCommerce integrations and components library, so you can skip the repetitive frontend development tasks and get to market faster.

Performant storefront

Build a performant storefront by leveraging the power of the latest tech like Next.js, Nuxt.js, built-in PWA support, and more.

Auto-Scale seamlessly

Whether you’re evolving your tech stack, expanding into new markets, adding more storefronts or increasing complexity, Alokai scales in every direction.

Endless extensibility

Add your custom logic to ready integrations. Sync with your APIs, PIMs, PCMs, and Martech tools to craft a shopping experience that scales, all through a single API endpoint.

Developer experience

Move away from 2000-like legacy systems, empower your dev team to work with modern technologies. Get startup-like experience on an enterprise quality level.


Case Study

Zenni Optical Case Study

Learn how Zenni cut 50% of their development time with Alokai.



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Fantastic product, great staff and community. Platform agnostic approach to commerce. Speeds up the route to market.

Mark Cotton
Frontend Practise Lead, Born

Find out what Alokai can do for you

Connect with one of our Solutions Architects and get the guidance you need to start your headless transformation with SAP Commerce Cloud.