Hosting Services - Functionality


Workflows and Deployments

Code Repository 

Automatic Deployments

Programmatic Access

Access and Error Logging

  • For ad-hoc log analysis, Alokai provides the ability to access logs via programmatic access (CLI or REST API). 

  • Alokai also supports log streaming directly to the customer log analysis platform.

Alokai CDN

  • Fast, reliable web and static content delivery with global scale and reach

  • Alokai leverages Google Cloud CDN global infrastructure to deliver Alokai Javascript and CSS assets.

    • GCP Cloud CDN  uses over 100  locations (Points of Presence) to cache content –

  • CDN caching rules are optimized for Alokai  application workloads and further can be fine-grained by using application’s Cache-Control headers.

  • For other digital assets we recommend using a service which is dedicated for image & video optimization.

Performance Monitoring

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Alokai troubleshoots fast by proactively detecting and resolving issues.

  • Alokai uses extensive internal observability tooling based on GCP standards.  As part of the standard practice, once a month Alokai provides to customers uptime parameters from the UptimeRobot service. Monitoring data can also be provided at any other time, upon request.

Level of Alerts

  • To protect our customers’ customer experience we use full-stack alerting. 

  • Alokai employs Metrics Explorer, Alerting, Uptime Checks and Logging  provided by GCP as depicted here: . These are integrated with UptimeRobot and PagerDuty.

  • External monitoring checks the availability and performance metrics (response codes/response times) hosted on Alokai service. In addition, Alokai uses GCP tools detailed above that report performance metrics and alerts to Alokai in case of incidents or failures. 


Web Application Firewall & Advanced DDoS Attack Mitigation 

PCI level 4 & ISO 27001 compliant infrastructure 

  • Alokai uses GCP for infrastructure which is PCI and ISO compliant.

  • It is important to note that Alokai does not store any data. Traffic to the customer-facing applications is encrypted “in-transit” (HTTPS).

Managed Monitoring, Threat Detection & Response

  • Vue storefront uses native GCP services - Cloud Logging & Monitoring to detect traffic anomalies. 

Audited and Pentested Application & Infrastructure

  • Alokais runs PCI compliance audits and penetration tests. Additionally, customer-initiated scans and penetration tests are supported, upon request. 

  • Internally, we use secure coding practices. Fundamentally, we utilize Infrastructure as Code approach to provision our infrastructure.

    • All changes to our infrastructure are auditable and need to pass the code review process.

    • Our process  also includes automated security scanning. We validate each change to our infrastructure based on the industry standards such as OWASP TOP10 and CIS Benchmarks.