Alokai Partner Program is available!

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Alokai Partner Program is available!

October 20, 2022

Great news for technology partners and partner agencies empowering the eCommerce industry. Now you have a chance to get tech and business support from Alokai, speed up the delivery process and offer more valuable composable commerce solutions to your B2B customers. The Alokai team is proud to announce a tiered Partner Program with different levels of acknowledgment, benefits and requirements. Join it to support your clients' growth, help them drive revenue, and stand out in the industry.

What is the Alokai Partner Program about?

Alokai Partner Program aims to create a strong community of proven solution integrators and technology partners to expand the business opportunities of all parties. Save your spot to access extensive resources to support the discovery, development, implementation and sales process of Alokai Frontend as a Service. Let's build a better composable commerce world together!

Why should you become a Alokai partner?

Get support 

Let Alokai back up your from technology and business perspectives at every stage of the sales process. Make it easier with joint go-to-market strategies and suitable end-to-end solutions for every customer's needs.

Ensure customer success

Count on Alokai support with re-platforming, development, and maintenance. Together we can speed up the composable commerce transition by months and provide the customers with scalable, well-performing eCommerce solutions.

Focus on the customer

Partnership with Alokai will let you focus on your strengths when working on projects. Invest time and resources to support the business-oriented part, while Alokai will provide agnostic, composable tech and infrastructure to organize the tech part of the process. 

Stay flexible

Alokai can become the center of your composable tech stack, with 30+ out-of-the-box integrations, including headless CMS, eCommerce platforms, search and payment tools, and more. Tailor the pre-built frontend components to business needs and control the end effect of an eCommerce project.

Alokai helps you evangelize your prospects on composable commerce. We support you at every stage of your sales process from both technology and business perspectives to create the best end-to-end solution for each of your customer's needs.

Dan Spencer, Head of EMEA Partnerships, Alokai


Are you ready to become a Alokai partner?

Join the Alokai Partner Program to expand your commercial offering, optimize the delivery process and launch cutting-edge composable commerce solutions to bring more value to clients.

Save your spot to get the most out of Alokai.

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