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TakeFortyTwo is a one-stop shop offering end-to-end eCommerce expertise, specializing in helping mid-size companies stay digitally updated since 2006. Feels right? We'd love to hear your story. Book a free consultation .


The next big thing is a million little things. The world moves fast and Ecommerce changes quickly. There’s just too much stuff. Technologies, frameworks, applications, integrations, buzzwords, trends, hype. And room to grow, too.

That’s where agencies like ours come in. We can clear the fog, steer you in the right direction and work as an extension of your team to get more done, faster, and right.

TakeFortyTwo specialises in Composable Ecommerce websites for growing B2B brands. Digital transformation, replatform processes or website migrations are never easy, but we make it work for our clients with our end to end assistance, from consulting and implementation plans , to smart development, Ecommerce design, and specialised B2B marketing. 

We’re based in Madrid and Miami, and operate remotely on a four-day workweek schedule (this is great for you – see why at our frequently asked questions ).

We’d love to work with you if:

  • Your goal is growth

  • You have a kind of clear picture of what you’re missing out in digital sales and marketing, but don’t have enough time to catch up

  • You don’t want to deal with large agency budgets and red tape

  • You’re primarily B2B looking to grow online sales, or daring to go hybrid / B2B2C

  • You have Tech Growing Pains and need help

  • You have some degree of urgency, something that’s keeping you awake

  • You’re a decision maker

And you want a brilliant platform like Alokai that allows you to be architecture agnostic and connect the pieces that are right for you, your needs, your budget, and your goals.

We’re certified partners with Alokai, BigCommerce (a match made in heaven), Storyblok, Dotdigital and Mailchimp. 

Feels right? We'd love to hear your story.
Book a free consultation .