Composable frontend for SAP Commerce Cloud

Modernize SAP CC without replatforming – choose Alokai! Our comprehensive Frontend as a Service solution simplifies composable commerce for enterprise merchants. Alokai connects all the technologies needed to build and deploy fast & scalable ecommerce frontends, assisting you in delivering exceptional customer experiences quickly and easily.


De-risk digital transformation

You no longer need to choose between disrupting user experience and updating your store – decouple your frontend from the backend to improve customer experience while maintaining SAP as your platform of choice with Alokai!


Accelerate development and halve your time to market

Cut your development time by up to a half and connect the third-party solutions of your choice faster through a well-thought-out ecosystem of integrations and ready-made components. Leverage the best of SAP CC while enjoying a modern performant frontend at lower risk and cost compared to a custom build.


Lower the operational costs and be ready to scale

Expandable with Storefront modules

Modules allow you to adjust the business logic, match your UI themes, or add functionalities like Quick Order

Global scaling made simple

Facilitated deployment of new stores in various countries and currencies for expanding your global footprint

Flexibility to change backend

Unified Data Layer allows you to switch your backend when you’re ready, without affecting your frontend and UX


Alokai supports the entire journey

We’ve got you every step of the way, from connecting all the essential tools for the smooth operation of your digital store to the final deployment.