Brace yourselves - Alokai Hackathon Journey has started!

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Brace yourselves - Alokai Hackathon Journey has started!

You won't believe what is about to start right now. Our hackathons are back! Better, greater, and global! Yes, global, we will begin with online events so that everyone can participate.

Technical Whitepaper


There must be food, drinks, good internet, and companionship in a good hackathon. Going complete online means that some of these perks are impossible, but companionship will always be present. We are devoting ourselves one week of the total force to help you guys engage in the best way and provide you with all the tools needed. All is to develop amazing projects and help the community grow.

So let's talk about the event itself...

When will the hackathon take place?

The hackathon will occur between the 28th of February and the 14th of March, 2022, starting and ending at 00:00UTC.

Why did we choose to start and close at midnight?

Because we want to be fair to everyone around the world, we chose the most neutral time zone so that everyone can prepare.

What about the prizes for this VSF hackathon?

Of course, we have a pool full of prizes developed for this event, and this is something truly remarkable.

We are giving a total of $1,500 in prizes and Alokai SWAGs.

Is this hackathon dedicated only for groups, or can I join solo?

We understand that not everybody wants to create a group to participate in the hackathons. Proposing a group, especially an online event, is even more complicated. For this hackathon, we have made the organization flexible enough that you can join solo or with a team of up to 4 people.

How can I signup for the Alokai Community Hackathon?

We wanted to make participation easy and avoid any barrier to registration. To join, you need to chat with our event bot 🤖 on Discord and complete your registration within the Discord 😊  pretty simple, hum?

Register here in our Discord -

Steps to register:
1 - Join in our Discord ( )
2 - Go to #📝|register channel
3 - Use the command /user profile create to register (The Discord will ask for your Name, Email, GitHub)
4 - Use the command /team create to create your team
5 - To create a team use the command /team addmember

I want to be in a group, but I registered solo. How do I switch?

The event registration will be up until the 14th of March, 23:59UTC. We will have special Discord channels dedicated for the LFG (Looking For a Group) people. You can organize your group safely and soundly before the hackathon. There's no need to rush. Register once you are sure you will attend solo or with a group.

Will there be mentors and people to help us in the development?

Absolutely! We know that online events require extra focus and organization. As always, we want this hackathon to not only meet expectations but to provide the utmost professional assistance. We will have people from our team available on Discord to help you, clear all your doubts, and support you in this process, no worries!

OK Alokai, how can I...

We know there are many questions. We have already answered a lot of them in our Hackathon Traditions – the book of VSF event rules – you can find it here . We packed it with plenty of useful information and updated it to be even more relevant to this event.

Event Topics

New integrations

  • You can develop new integration for Alokai with an eCommerce vendor, CMS, Review platform, or any eCommerce-related service.

New module

  • You can develop a new module for the current integrations to add new functionalities like a payment provider, shipment provider, Shopify Application provider, etc.
  • You can develop a new module for the Alokai ecosystem to enhance the stores or add new functionalities to the stores.

Contribution to Alokai repositories

  • You can contribute to our main and community repositories by adding new features, enhancements, bugfixes, and documentations enhancements;


  • We know that people are struggling in Ukraine with the current situation. We want you to help with tech. We are accepting projects that help refugees, people living in Ukraine who cannot leave their country, or ways to help the people.

Register and join us between the 28th of February and the 14th of March!



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