New Integration with Elastic Path Is Available!

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New Integration with Elastic Path Is Available!



November 3, 2022

  • The integration accelerates the frontend development cycle and reduces Time-to-Market for Elastic Path Commerce Cloud enterprise users. 

  • The Alokai & Elastic Path Commerce Cloud setup ensures lower Total Cost of Ownership, improved web performance and ability to roll out multiple stores with the same, or adapted frontend, using a multi-store feature.

  • The integration with Elastic Path has been added to the list of active Alokai setups, which includes integrations with eCommerce platforms like: commercetools , BigCommerce , Magento 2 , and more.

Whitepaper: Alokai & Elastic Path


As a proven Frontend as a Service for composable commerce, Alokai is delivering custom storefronts at a fraction of cost and time. Today, we have officially announced a new integration with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, which enables Elastic Path enterprise users to build their frontend using Alokai capabilities.

From now on Elastic Path customers can build their frontend using a ready, pre-composed architecture, and 30+ out-of-the-box integrations with best-of-breed headless CMSes, payment systems, search and analytics tools to boost conversion rates and business performance.

"The eCommerce market is shifting from platform-centric to customer-centric approach, and the frontend is the most important piece of it. Our Elastic Path integration accelerates and simplifies the development of lightning-fast and high-converting storefronts that will delight your customers with superb customer experience. It can also help you remain flexible in your commerce stack choosing among ready-to-use integrations with best-of-breed MACH vendors."

Filip Rakowski, CTO & Co-founder at Alokai

Get the most out of composable commerce by using Alokai and Elastic Path 

What is the Alokai & Elastic Path integration about?

Alokai, as a high-code Frontend as a Service, offers a highly-flexible approach to frontend development for Elastic Path headless commerce setup. Finally, a fast and mobile-first presentation layer can improve your customer experience and boost sales.

Multiple out-of-the-box integrations with best-of-breed eCommerce solutions, a shallow learning curve, and unlimited customization opportunities help Elastic Path customers speed up a composable commerce journey, accelerate Time-to-Market and create cohesive frontend experiences across touchpoints.

Learn more about the differences between No-Code, Low-Code and High-Code Frontend as a Service .

Integration capabilities

The pre-composed solution offers frontend coverage and a smooth connection with the Elastic Path eCommerce platform. Its core values are hidden behind acceleration, supercharged web performance and limitless scalability. 

  • The new integration allows enterprises to apply 50+ fully customizable and mobile optimized UI components.
  • Users can choose the most suitable options among 30+ out-of-the-box integrations with headless CMSes (i.e. Contentstack, Bloomreach, Contentful) and payment integrations (Stripe).
  • Moreover, there’s an opportunity to apply several tools created especially for this setup — like Migrator, which enables users to import example data in seconds.

Supported features

The Alokai & Elastic Path Commerce Cloud integration will help users create full-fledged eCommerce stores quickly. It happens thanks to features which include:

  1. Cart
  2. Wishlist
  3. User Profile
  4. Category Page
  5. Product Page
  6. Checkout (including shipping, billing, and payment)
  7. Thank You Page
  8. Order History
  9. Multi-store


Instead of creating your frontend layer from scratch, you can now opt for high-code Frontend as a Service, which equips you with highly-customizable components to build fast, mobile-optimized frontends.

All the groundwork of the frontend development cycle has been covered by Alokai, which saves your plenty of development hours, cuts costs and delivery time.

"You can do everything using the Elastic Path integration"

The new setup is a shining example of flexibility and acceleration in one solution. Alokai and Elastic Path have provided enterprises with an entire toolkit for building their eCommerce stores following various custom scenarios. 

Tomasz Łoś, Tech Leader of the project, claims "You can do everything using the Elastic Path integration". This asset has made the solution very much in demand from day one after launching.

Companies see real perspectives to uplift conversion rates, boost business performance, and supercharge customer experience. Now there’s nothing can stop them from taking action. 

Looking for more details? Check out the  documentation .




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