A new Github organization for Alokai community projects

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A new Github organization for Alokai community projects

We are much grateful to the members of our community, developers, and enthusiasts who have helped develop Alokai in all these years.

Our mission is to improve the quality of vibrancy of our community at the Alokai and make this environment a better place every day.

To this effort, we would like to introduce the new Alokai GitHub organization vuestorefront-community. This new organization will hold all the repositories managed and created by our community members.

Technical Whitepaper


What is the idea behind the new Alokai GitHub concept?

The central concept behind this new GitHub organization is to create a safe harbor for new integrations and developers, increase the number of new community repositories, and embrace the new community extensions, plugins, and integrations.

You might be wondering if an integration, extension, or plugin is on the new vuestorefront-community organization, does it mean that the Alokai team does not approve it?' No, au contraire my friend. We are giving our seal of approval on all the projects held within this new organization.

More opportunities among the new VSF GitHub community are on the way

New GitHub organization for the Alokai community means we can have sponsored projects SPOILERS AHEAD (Yes, we will have a community sponsorship program!), ventures that the Alokai Core Team members are working on, and even big companies contributing to those projects.

In the new vuestorefront-community, we will have projects developed by our community members, giving them more creative freedom, and a place where they can explorer more with their integration.

What will happen with the VSF community repositories? Do I need to do anything if I am using them?

So what will happen in the following days? We will start moving selected repositories from the vuestorefront organization to the new vuestorefront-community organization. (Don't worry, if someone accesses an old URL, GitHub will automatically redirect them to the correct URL).

If you have some fork or clone of one of the selected projects, we recommend updating the origin URL in your GIT configuration to the new one.

What projects will be moved?

So what projects are heading to their new home? We have selected the following projects to move to the new organization:


  • Prestashop (Made by our amazing friends from BinShops )
  • Vendure (Awesome project lead by Jakub Andrzejewski )
  • Odoo (An excellent integration from the Odoo Gap developers)
  • Kibo Commerce (Made possible by the true and only KiboCommerce itself)
  • nopCommerce (Outstanding integration from our friends at Majako )
  • HCL Commerce
  • Commerce-JS
  • Virto Commerce
  • About You Cloud
  • Saleor
  • Woocommerce

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