The storefront theme gets its own space: The benefits of removing it from the Magento 2 monorepo

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The storefront theme gets its own space: The benefits of removing it from the Magento 2 monorepo



February 9, 2023

As the community of Alokai users and developers continues to grow, we at Alokai have been working hard to improve the overall experience of using our platform. One area that we have been focusing on recently is the Magento 2 integration.

Better maintenance and improved development experience

After careful consideration and testing, we have decided to remove the storefront theme from the Magento 2 repository, and rename it, from "template-magento" to "storefront-nuxt2-magento2". The main reason behind this was to make this separate repository as the only source of truth for the Magento 2 storefront.

Other benefits

As announced in the developer newsletter in January, we are aiming to make Alokai framework-agnostic this year. This decision was made with the goal of improving the overall development experience and making it easier to maintain the integration and themes separately and not run into the trap of making the API development driven by a particular integration theme.

We believe that removing the storefront theme from the Magento 2 repository and creating a separate repository for it is the best decision for our company and our team. It will enable us to improve the theme, making it easier for others to use, remove unnecessary duplication of code, and help us manage the theme's dependencies more effectively.

In conclusion

We understand that this change may take some time for our community to adjust to, but we believe that it will ultimately lead to a better development experience and a more robust platform. We will be providing documentation and support to help our community make the transition as smooth as possible.

We are excited about this change and look forward to continuing to improve the platform while working with our community to make Alokai the best it can be.

Please reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions or concerns.




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