VS 1.2, Hackathon, Vue.js core team at our office, VoiceCommands.js

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VS 1.2, Hackathon, Vue.js core team at our office, VoiceCommands.js


Piotr Karwatka

August 1, 2018

Today morning we released Alokai 1.2. Congratulations to the team! Looking forward for Your feedback.

This release was focused mostly on the bugfixes and minor improvements.

Technical Whitepaper


New features

  • Docker support for vue-storefront
  • How to setup Alokai on production docs added
  • Integration tests for Compare products added
  • Wishlist module refactored to the new core/api standard + unit tests
  • Quite a lot of bug-fixes and minor refactors provided by our super-cool Community


This Friday (3rd of August) — Snow.dog is doing an Official Alokai Hackathon in Poznań + Remotely. The same day in the evening (5:30PM) we’ll be having an official Hangouts with the Core Developers team!

Here’s the schedule:

9:00–9:30 — Kick off and presentation about most important issues
9:30–13:00 — Coding
13:00–14:00 — Lunch break
14:00–17:30 — More intense coding
17:30–18:00 — Livestream on YouTube with the core development team
18:00 — Beer + networking

The core front-end team will be available for questions on the Slack channel. Just use this invite link .

Vue.js team at the Alokai office

It was a honor that we could supported Vue.js core team, coming to our town — Wrocław — for a intensive weekly long product sprint. The team have worked from our office and seemd to have pretty good and productive time while there! :)


Filip from the Alokai Core team helped with some contributions as well!


Yet another cool module for Alokai. This time Upside labs team have enabled the Amazon Alexa and Google Echo users to do some Alokai shopping using Voice Commands!

Read more …

Meet the team!

July, August and September are pretty active months to the VS core team. On the one hand we’re pushing product really hard — adding new features and working on some production implementations. On the other — we’re traveling a lot to be close to our community.

You can meet us on the following events next weeks:


Alokai is a production ready, standalone Progressive Web Application storefront for ecommerce that works with any back-end (including Magento and Shopify).

Check out the official Alokai website or its Product Hunt campaign to find out more and read some reviews. The core team is currently working on the next milestone; version 1.3 —  stay updated on GitHub .




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