Fronting headless commerce - Alokai brand evolution

October 13, 2021

Today, we announce special news regarding the evolution of our company.

Entering a new phase in the Alokai life cycle and the vast range of components it supplies, certain changes became necessary. As you wander through our site and resources, you may notice some tweaks. Here is our back story of how we refreshed and unified our brand.

Why is Alokai changing its branding now?

Following the specific piece of know-how and value Alokai provides, as well as powerful support and recognition in the market, we had to move to the next level with our brand and purpose.  All to provide the best value and transparency to our community, business partners, and stakeholders regarding the direction and scope of our business. 

Towards that goal, we are also thrilled to announce that we secured $17.4M in Series A funding . The round was led by Creandum, with Earlybird Digital East, Paua Ventures, Movens Capital, and angels including Evan You, Vue.js creator; Mathias Christensen & Christian Bach, Netlify founders; Paul St John, ex VP of Sales at Github and Heini Zachariassen, Vivino founder.

A crystalline vision of what VSF has to offer, the front role it plays in the headless market, along with its origins and approach, is now reflected in our restored look. 

OK VSF, could you be more specific?

Back in the early days of Alokai, we set ground values that would accompany us, and that hasn’t changed. We didn't ditch the green color, representing the tech link of VueJS + NuxtJS, because we stick to this tech stack. Yet, we refreshed the tone as we wanted to emphasize our fresh look towards the headless future. Furthermore, becoming a “head” of headless commerce, in other words, standing upfront the challenges eComm faces, VSF aims to provide the most reliable solution connecting best-of-breed eCommerce stacks. On top of that, we encapsulated our values in the abbreviated form: VSF - Vibe, Self-driven, Focus.

Because some things never go out of style.

So, what has changed in Alokai visuals?

Our core values remain intact, but mirroring them required a re-think and uplift.

1. Signet

Over the years, VSF’s identity has shaped up and we've finally been able to tie it together - subtly and in a good tone. Being a “head” of headless commerce is reflected in the dot - below the main “V” a little dot above represents Alokai’s role in the headless ecosystem. Diving deeper, the same dot is developed, and boldly represents Storefront UI - visible for a user part of Alokai.


2. Colors

Following the “Let’s unify” idea, we had to apply some harmony to better reflect the core vibe and energy. To highlight the significance of the color green for our brand, we surrounded it with a supportive palette that vibrates in green tones, as well as put some contrasting hues, all in accordance with the cognitive nature of the human brain.  At the same time, unifying and structuring our color palette helped us refine the user experience.

3. Typography

Red Hat Display & Red Hat Text boldly echoes our open-source approach, which is also written in the DNA of the creators of this font - RedHat - along with continuous improvement of the practical solutions we offer to accelerate the shift towards headless architecture.

After all, new branding became, on a more personal note, a symbol of the new chapter we start to write. Having set our goals and direction we can collaborate together even more efficiently.

Where can you spot the changes? 


First changes can be noticed at our StorefrontUI, where you can spot the SFUI component library - a set of ready-to-use frontend elements. These by the VSF API allow merchants to build their custom website from ready-to-use components.

Backend-adjusted UI templates

Peeking into our eCommerce templates, you can find optimized patterns for a particular backend platform. Intended to be a convenient starting point for creating a new web store for merchants willing to use a predefined template and customize it.

VSF Platform

Striving to provide uninterrupted functioning for Vue partners we set a Cloud. An infrastructural component of Alokai, offering an optimized hosting environment along with other additional services provided, to easily configure, manage, control, and monitor VSF-based projects. 

Now Alokai heads out for more

As we enter a more mature phase of development, being aware of the amount of work ahead of us, we are confident that together we will accomplish a lot. Clear goals, a team of truly passionate people, and incredible support keep us moving forward. We have created a brand that is actively supported each day, and now we have managed to reinforce its presence.  




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