Alokai is now a Premier Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the commercetools Partner Program

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Alokai is now a Premier Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the commercetools Partner Program

April 6, 2022

I'm pleased that Alokai has become a premier ISV partner with commercetools. We at commercetools pride ourselves on giving our customers choice. Alokai has been a wonderful partner to us at commercetools and their product has proven to be an excellent choice for many of our customers.

Kelly Goetsch, CPO at Commercetools

Alokai is thrilled to announce that as of March 24, 2022, we are recognized as a Premier Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in the commercetools Partner Program. What does this mean for merchants and developers? And how did VSF reach the highest level in this program? Read on to learn more!

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Since day one, the primary goal of creating our solution was to provide the highest quality frontend for modern eCommerce. The solution that eases the work of developers and merchants. This approach continues to guide us. And once again our efforts have been recognized by one of our partners and one of the proponets of composable commerce – commercetools. 

What does it mean for merchants and developers that Alokai is recognized as a Premier ISV Partner?

A Premier Independent Software Vendor Partner badge confirms that the vendor has an actual integration with commercetools and that it has been reviewed and approved by their tech team. 

Premier ISV Partner badge encapsulates fearless and frictionless re-platforming.

Merchants facing digital transformation can boldly entrust Alokai + commercetools integration when building their headless commerce stack. 

Alokai is designed to ease the work of developers and to secure dynamic merchant activities at the front of eCommerce. Time-to-market and mobile-first are only some of the benefits we have secured. Our Frontend Platform is a perfect solution for anyone striving to scale and perform at the highest level. 

What else?

Premier Partners distinguished by commercetools are also members of the MACH Alliance . Fully committed to their mission to keep growing their software as market demands and merchant needs adjust.

Why combine Alokai with commercetools?

Alokai is a perfect starting point for any eCommerce project. Ready integration with commercetools provides an outstanding developer experience. We did the groundwork so merchants can fully focus on scaling. 

Our Frontend as a Service takes care of all the customer activities at the front of eCommerce. From building to deploying a storefront, developers get a perfect ecosystem of tools to build, customize, connect and launch their desired commerce stack.

With Alokai modern commerce gets tools to:

  • Build & Customize with Storefront UI Library
  • Connect with API Orchestration & Ready Integrations
  • Accelerate with Frontend Framework & Features
  • Host & Launch on Alokai Platform powered by Google Cloud Platform

Our set of tools becomes an ultimate choice for undisrupted work, hence it is the last frontend modern eCommerce ever needs!

Why did commercetools launch the ISV Partner Program?

Commercetools came up with an idea to distinguish merged partners according to the scope of the integration each provides. As a consequence, the ISV program reduces the fear and friction associated with migrating to a new solution. The new ISV partner program from commercetools combines a certified integration with the broadest set of ISV partners in the composable commerce pool. Based upon the MACH development paradigm, the program is fully committed to a best-of-breed approach; driving client success with excellent ISV partners.

“Based upon Alokai technical integration and history with commercetools as well as the complementary nature of their MACH certified offering, Alokai are at the ‘Premier’ level in our new program”

Chris Holley, Global Director @ commercetools, ISV Partnerships

As no vendor can do everything (or even many things!) well, groups of ISV products create “solar systems” orbiting around their “sun”. It usually is a control point product like a database, operating system, CRM, eCommerce, desktop productivity tools, or cloud provider. There are very few “comets” or “asteroids” that exist on their own in the tech galaxy. Check to learn more!

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Alokai is the ultimate Frontend Platform driving modern commerce

This recognition is now yet another confirmation that Alokai, as a Premier Partner, delivers top frontend solution for commercetools. At the same time, seamless implementation for clients is once again highlighted, with zero fear and friction. Let’s talk!



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