Brave Bison announced as Alokai's Partner of the Year!

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Brave Bison announced as Alokai's Partner of the Year!

April 17, 2024

We're thrilled to announce Brave Bison as Alokai's Partner of the Year! This award recognizes their unwavering support and exceptional teamwork across numerous projects.

In the words of Jeffrey Domingos, Global VP Partnerships & Alliances of Alokai:

I'm thrilled to announce that Brave Bison has been named Alokai's Partner of the Year for 2023. Their expertise and unwavering commitment to our mutual success have been instrumental in driving pipeline growth - and they’re simply great people to work with at every level of the organization. We're excited to build on this momentum and achieve more together under the wind of our new name and branding in FY24.

Beyond just colleagues

Brave Bison hasn't just been a partner; they've been an extension of our team. From brainstorming B2B SAP solutions to crushing the WinParts project, their expertise and infectious enthusiasm have been instrumental to our joint success.

Ben Field Johnson, Growth Director, Brave Bison Commerce, shares this sentiment:

We are honored to be named Alokai's Partner of the Year. This partnership has been key in pushing the boundaries of composable commerce. Alokai's dedication to innovation and collaborative spirit make them incredible partners. We share a common goal: empowering brands to thrive and achieve a lasting competitive edge. This commitment, along with a focus on delivering real value, is setting new standards in the digital landscape.

Beyond successful projects

Our collaboration extends far beyond project execution. We've been teaming up on sales strategies and co-creating killer content – webinars, blogs, events – the whole package! This truly exemplifies the strength of our partnership.

We at Alokai raise a glass to many more successful projects and groundbreaking ideas with Brave Bison!

Stay tuned for a lineup of upcoming webinars, articles, and events co-hosted by your favorite dynamic duo: Alokai and Brave Bison !



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