The Coveo AI and Alokai integration for SAP and Salesforce is now live!

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The Coveo AI and Alokai integration for SAP and Salesforce is now live!

April 29, 2024

Not 100% happy with your current frontend functionalities? Changing the crucial features takes forever and costs a fortune? We’ve got a solution! You can now integrate Coveo with Alokai to take your customer experience to the next level, faster. 

What is Coveo?

Coveo is an innovative generative AI solution for ecommerce that helps organizations improve decision-making and user experiences (UX) across digital channels through the data-driven approach. 

Coveo provides AI-powered search and knowledge management solutions for businesses to enhance customer experiences, improve employee productivity, and optimize information retrieval. 

The Coveo AI engine covers all the essential features allowing you to deliver accurate search results, personalized recommendations, and insights from large volumes of data across various sources, like websites, databases, CRM systems, and more.

How does the integration work?

Integrating Coveo and Alokai enhances ecommerce platforms. Coveo's AI-powered search capabilities integrated with Alokai's Frontend as a Service (FEaaS) functionalities allows you to predict customer needs and improve content discovery on multiple platforms.

Start with Alokai's Frontend as a Service solution , and quickly build high-performance and efficient storefronts hassle-free! Then, move on to Coveo’s extensive AI and machine learning frameworks to deliver a highly personalized user experience. 

The integration unlocks the possibility to dynamically adjust search results and recommendations based on user behavior and contextual data, taking your personalization to new heights.

Key features

Coveo is available out-of-the-box for Alokai enterprise users for both React and Vue.js, and it comes with some hefty ecommerce features:

  • AI-powered search results: Coveo's AI engine refines search accuracy by anticipating user intent, and delivering highly relevant product matches.

  • Instant search with suggestions: As users type, they receive instant, guided suggestions, making the search process smooth and engaging.

  • Improved product listings: Search-driven dynamic product listings ensure that users see the most relevant products tailored to their search queries.

  • Intelligent recommendations: The AI system analyzes past user behavior to suggest complementary products, increasing the potential for high-order values.

  • Dynamic faceting: Search filters adapt in real-time to user interactions, prioritizing the most relevant options to simplify product discovery.

Seamless alternative to SAP CC and Salesforce CC search solutions

Coveo's AI-powered search functionality, fast product innovation, impressive market flexibility, and intuitive interface give it an edge over standard search solutions in SAP CC or Salesforce CC environments. Together, these elements provide more tailored search experiences, addressing various business requirements and giving you a new competitive edge.

Effortless implementation

The collaboration between Coveo and Alokai for SAP and Salesforce simplifies the development process, cutting down on the time and resources required for implementation. You can quickly connect Coveo to Alokai while remaining in your trusted Salesforce or SAP backend environment thanks to the out-of-the-box integration. 

This way you can benefit from Coveo's robust search functionalities without the traditional hassles associated with new software.

Enhanced customization for unique business needs

Alokai's and Coveo AI's integration can help you build robust ecommerce solutions that maximize user interactions and streamline content delivery. The Headless Library acts as a middle layer, managing the application state and facilitating seamless communication between the UI elements and Coveo's backend services. 

This integration helps to develop fast, accessible, and fully customizable components. The result? Efficient and highly user-friendly ecommerce platforms that adapt to customer needs. 

A partnership beyond MACH

Alokai and Coveo are on a mission to help SAP CC and Salesforce CC users modernize their platforms without replatforming. 

We’ve always put stellar customer experience as our number-one priority, and here it’s important to recognize that the change doesn’t start with the backend. Instead, we go straight after the frontend layer where the magic happens, delivering outstanding search and content experience straight to the end user. 

With this new Coveo integration , we enable all SAP CC and SFCC users to maintain their backend investments in PIM or ERP systems while also elevating their customer experience. This is a fast-track for delivering new features and functionalities by mixing the legacy and composable technologies.

The modern-day approach to digital transformation

The economical situation requires companies to be resourceful and deliver value as fast as possible, and a partial modernization or a step-by-step transformation is what makes it happen. 

And it comes with some undeniable benefits, too:

  • Increased sales: Superior search leads to a more satisfying customer experience, resulting in higher conversion rates and sales.

  • Faster storefront development: Coveo's out-of-the-box search functionality streamlines development, saving you valuable time and resources.

  • Improved UX: Intuitive search and navigation keep customers engaged, fostering brand loyalty and satisfaction.

It all starts with Alokai

Alokai is a Frontend as Service for composable commerce, guiding merchants to focus on what matters most – customer experience – as this is what drives the revenue. Connect modern and legacy ecommerce technologies through ready integrations, build with premade frontend components, and deploy on secure, enterprise cloud infrastructure. Leverage a perfect balance of build & buy, where "build" means the flexibility to create complex customer journeys and "buy" accelerates time to market. 

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