Marcin Kwiatkowski joins the Alokai team as Magento Integration Lead Developer

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Marcin Kwiatkowski joins the Alokai team as Magento Integration Lead Developer

December 10, 2021

Magento is an eCommerce platform that empowers thousands of retailers and brands. It is also the open-source on which the very first idea of what we now know as Alokai was born. The undisputed origins of VSF are already written on the pages of the headless history. As we are heading towards new integrations , we cannot deny our roots and strategic meaning of Magento. Therefore, in our quest to provide the-best-on-the-market, we are thrilled to announce that Marcin Kwiatkowski is teaming up with Alokai as Magento Integration Lead Developer.

Headless commerce is booming and its multi-dimensional benefits are gaining widespread traction. Magento always was a vital part of the entire eCommerce and our very first version of Alokai was dedicated to that platform. We are aware that most of our users rely on Magento. Our mission is to make headless commerce accessible. We must take special supervision of the Magento area. 

Straight to the point. To fill the great expectations we need aboard top-class Magento experts. Alokai sees a growing demand for a viable PWA solution, which could be an iterative competitor to the Adobe ecosystem. The new VSF Magento integration is expected to go live soon, hence we need to address the needs of the community. Aligning with the pre-defined standards provided by Alokai, the new integration must deliver top-notch quality. For that VSF aims at the leading voices of the Magento community. 

To follow the Magento community's concerns and needs regarding the new integration, we need a knowledgeable person. A leading voice who knows the field and the difficulties inside out. That's why Marcin Kwiatkowski has become the very center of our attention. 

Marcin Kwiatkowski is a well-known individual among the Magento community. Marcin has great expertise in Magento 1 & 2 development. His set of unique skills goes beyond, as he contributed as a PWA Studio developer, Alokai Developer, and frontend architect. His rich experience, countless hours spent on discovering and shaping unique solutions make Marcin aware of Magento customers' needs like no one else. This will warrant building the best possible storefront for Magento.

What distinguishes him is his stunning proactivity. Marcin Kwiatkowski is an engaged member of the Magento community. Developed over the years, social and leadership skills are yet another vital aspect that reassures us that this is the right person to lead the strategic path of the Magento integration. Marcin is a natural educator with a sense of producing high-quality educational materials. His holistic approach to the work is a hallmark. For Alokai it is a quality assurance that the integration with Magento will win the hearts of devs and merchants.

Marcin Kwiatkowski as the owner of Magento integration at Alokai will take over the Magento ecosystem and integration architecture. Aside from the core tech field of this integration, Marcin will be a go-to person for the Magento community employing Alokai. On top of all the activities, Marcin will make sure the integration is top quality and meets the highest expectations.

And as for that, we welcome Marcin Kwiatkowski to our headless ground!



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