Viktoria Guseva joins Alokai as VP of Marketing

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Viktoria Guseva joins Alokai as VP of Marketing

February 8, 2022

Rapid growth means keeping your head, up high. While we fuel headless commerce, we know that relentless expansion requires experience paired with clear goals. We are boldly looking to the future and moving forward. That's why we're excited to announce that as of February 2022, Viktoria Guseva has become VP of Marketing at Alokai. 

Succeeding in a technology-driven world requires smart moves, quick launches, and strategic thinking. After closing the A round , reinforcing a GTM team became one of our top priorities. Broad expansion is a critical part of our corporate strategy. To help VSF achieve targets, and to level up the business, we search for sharp and experienced minds.

Drawing a bigger picture when shaping marketing initiatives is essential for global success. Alokai is a living organism, and to maintain symbiosis, cross-functional activities must be united. We know that marketing on one hand relies on data, takes uncertainty into account, and on the other hand, should adequately communicate the smart value we create. 

This is why we bet on Viktoria Guseva. Vika is an accomplished senior marketeer with 15+ years in building global brands and startups in both digital and offline domains. She led digital marketing and management efforts at venture-backed USA startup InCountry and well-known CRM & low-code vendor Creatio. Her experience in B2B marketing activities and SaaS development convinced us, that she is the right person to fiercely lead our Marketing.

Knowing the tangible effects of Vika's efforts, VSF can confidently entrust her with our demand generation strategy, marketing activities, and revenue-generating functions. Vika, as VP of Marketing, will work cross-functionally with key internal partners (Sales, Product, Finance) and will act as a primary stakeholder with Product Marketing to identify product and partner requirements to fuel growth. 

Growing at scale means working effectively with external business partners. We believe that Vika’s rich experience will help execute joint marketing opportunities and growth of inbound and outbound channels. 

Most importantly, Vika Guseva will lead our Marketing Team. Since day one, our top priority is to create and keep a healthy work environment, based on trust and the right attitude. Vika’s outlook on building successful marketing teams will grow our individuals. 

Alokai relies not only on numbers and charts but also on people. We strive to build a culture of accountability so that together we can successfully cross yet another finish line. Therefore, beyond business, we cultivate an environment of teamwork, openness, creativity, and continuous improvement.

With that being written, we can't help but welcome Vika to our headless deck and wish her (and the team) many successful campaigns, tests, and optimizations! 

Welcome on board! 💚



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