BigCommerce is now integrated with Alokai

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BigCommerce is now integrated with Alokai


Wojciech Sikora

March 29, 2022

We’re excited to announce the stable release of the Alokai 2 integration with BigCommerce - one of the fastest-growing eCommerce platforms in the world! It’s the perfect combination of superior headless commerce made for speed and flexibility. Now with a lightning-fast frontend platform for headless commerce, it’s a great choice for the developers and merchants looking for a powerful and modern tech stack for online retail.

Technical Whitepaper


New Alokai eCommerce integration was done in cooperation with Alokai Team & BigCommerce Team. Thanks to their great effort, developers, and merchants can enjoy using the first version of the BigCommerce integration for Alokai 2.

Getting started with the new Alokai integration with BigCommerce

Before you get started with the Alokai-BigCommerce integration, see BigCommerce integration documentation core documentation , and Installation guide.

Please note that the BigCommerce store needs to be adjusted for the integration - necessary steps are described in the Configuration guide.

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How the integration of Alokai and BigCommerce was done?

The integration process started in November 2021. The team was working hard to release the first beta version in January 2022. All of the features from v1 has been covered in February 2022. During that process, implemented functionalities were being tested by the QA team. Additionally, thanks to the help from our partner, BigCommerce, we were able to address the most challenging issues.

At Alokai we really value the quality of our projects. You may be assured that the integration is not only stable but also secure. In cooperation with one of our partners, a security audit was performed. This helped our development team to make sure all the possible vulnerabilities are eliminated.

Curious? Check the Demo!

In upcoming releases, we plan to publish solutions that will help us improve the performance of the application even more by supporting the CDNs and optimising the code.

Scope of the integration of BigCommerce & Alokai

Below you can find the list of features implemented in the current version of the integration of BigCommerce and Alokai:


  • Adding products to the cart
  • Preventing purchase of out-of-stock items
  • Removing products from the cart
  • Changing product quantity
  • Merging carts when guests login
  • Supporting guest and user carts
  • Clearing the cart
  • Saving guest cart in the session


  • Adding products to the wishlist
  • Removing products from the wishlist
  • Clearing the wishlist
  • Adding products from the wishlist to the cart
  • Saving guest wishlist in the session
  • Merging wishlist when guests login


  • Searching products by SKU and name
  • Showing related categories


  • Displaying and switching between available languages

User profile

  • Creating an account, logging in, logging out
  • Changing general user data, such as first and last name, email address
  • Changing password
  • Adding shipping addresses
  • Viewing order history
  • Receiving marketing emails consent update

Category page

  • Viewing products in a list or grid
  • Sorting by price (ascending/descending), relevance, or latest
  • Displaying categories
  • Adding products to the cart
  • Adding products to the wishlist
  • Navigating to the Product page
  • Displaying breadcrumbs for the current category
  • Setting up category page metadata

Product page

  • Displaying product information such as title, descriptions, price, etc.
  • Displaying breadcrumbs for the current product
  • Displaying default variant by default
  • Displaying all images for the current variant
  • Switching between different product variants
  • Displaying average rating
  • Displaying reviews
  • Reviews pagination
  • Adding reviews
  • Adding product to the cart
  • Showing related products
  • Setting up product page metadata


  • Embedded checkout
  • Displaying product count in all checkout steps
  • Displaying subtotal and total price in all checkout steps
  • Displaying input for entering promo code


  • Displaying a list of saved shipping addresses
  • Adding new address
  • Displaying form for entering the address for guests
  • Listing and selecting available shipping methods


  • Displaying a list of saved billing addresses
  • Copying shipping address
  • Adding new address
  • Displaying form for entering the address for guests


  • Displaying shipping details summary
  • Displaying billing details summary
  • Displaying products summary, subtotal, shipping cost, and total price
  • Selecting payment methods
  • Making an order

Thank you page

  • Displaying order number and order information

Order history

  • Displaying user orders history
  • Displaying order status
  • Displaying order details


  • Meta tags on home page

Let’s create something BIG together!

There is still a lot of new features that can be implemented and you can help with making this project even better by simply using the integration. Feedback is always highly appreciated!

In case of more detailed information, please head over to our  contact form , and let’s talk!

In case of any questions about this integration, we will be happy to answer them on our bigcommerce channel on  our Discord .

Stay tuned for more!



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