Product Update: October & November 2022

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Product Update: October & November 2022



December 5, 2022

From small, patch-level bug fixes, to entire new products – it can be hard to keep up with all product releases made in such a fast-growing startup as Alokai. 

We’ve heard our community members asking, time after time, for a better way to convey each month’s updates about our integrations. 

Starting this month, if you don’t want to miss a Alokai product update, choose one of 3 ways to stay up-to-date:

Now, let’s jump into the updates 🚀. 

Product updates – October, November 2022

Below you can find an update of product releases which happened in October and November 2022:

VSF Core - 2.7.2 Release

  • Fixed bugs causing VSF to crash
  • Headers and Cookies are now shared between Client and API
  • Bug fixes

commercetools 1.9.0 & 1.8.5

  • 1.9.0 release included bug fixes
  • 1.8.5 release included bug fixes for multiple domains with separated middleware and returning raw data in the useProduct composable
  • Adyen for commercetools Released ❤️‍🔥

Magento 2 1.1.0

  • New features:
    • Magento URL rewrite
    • Google Cloud CDN Support
    • Add grouped product to cart
    • Security connection optional
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixes PLP unresponsive after store switch
    • Logout not working after reload of MyAccount page
    • Fixed Product details component
    • And many others

BigCommerce 2.0

  • BigCommerce multi-storefront feature
  • Simplified BigCommerce configuration steps
  • Moved external composables package to theme
  • Reduced code complexity
  • Sort By filtering options
  • FilterSidebar component added
  • New filters method and composables

SAP Commerce Cloud 1.0

Download the data sheet to learn more about the Alokai and SAP Commerce Cloud integration.

ElasticPath 1.0

  • Fully working store

VuePress VSF Theme Released

Our Docs look prettier than ever. Check it for yourself!

Ufff, we hope we haven’t missed anything 🤭. If you’d like to get more clarity on a specific product release, reach out to us at, or to your Customer / Partner Success Manager (if you have one). 

Feel welcome to join our Discord and meet other community members who are building e-shops with Alokai, too.

See you next month 👋




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