Storyblok and Alokai partnering to enrich eCommerce experience

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Storyblok and Alokai partnering to enrich eCommerce experience



February 2, 2021

We eyed up Storyblok , one of the rising stars among Headless Content Management Systems, for over a year, as we couldn't ignore the potential it brings to the "composable commerce" table. Flexible, easy-to-use, and API-focused was a dream partner for Alokai. Today, we can gladly announce that we made our partnership official.  

Alokai, as a Front-End-as-a-Service (FEaaS), is designed to free the business growth by giving the companies technology that molds to its need, not the other way around. With Alokai, there is absolutely no limitation on how the user utilizes Alokai in their store and which services they choose. Having said this, we also want to make sure that they can easily reach out for the best-of-breed solutions, and so… Here comes the Storyblok. 

What makes this solution so unique? It is, above all (and obviously), headless, API-focused, and cloud-native. All of this allows separating the logic from the content layer, which enables developers to easily integrate content on different websites and applications, such as iOS and Android, smartwatches, or IoT. The content goes through API, wherever it should go. What is more, despite the fact it sounds complicated, Storyblok in practice is very easy-to-use both for developers and non-technical employees. Thanks to powerful REST and GraphQL APIs, it doesn't imply any specific technology, and - thanks to the real-time visual editor - it doesn't challenge content creators.   

Alokai is all about performance - as every connected service must work as fast as possible - but also the flexibility that actually enables merchants to connect every required service.

Storyblok, as one of the most bright examples of how the modern CMS should be done, must have been integrated with Alokai. We had seen it long before we made our partnership official, but now we can extend our collaboration and offer even more value to merchants. It is as simple as that: together, we are stronger.

Patrick Friday, CEO at Alokai.  

Alokai is already integrated with commercetools backend , and the integration with Storyblok is the extension of it. That means you can smoothly combine the stability of commercetools, the flexibility of Alokai, and the omnichannel possibilities of Storyblok to give the users the best possible UX. 

With Storyblok, fulfilling the omnichannel strategy is a piece of cake, because it is solution is a solution distinguished by a very friendly interface. Thanks to the real-time visual editor merchants with zero technical skills can easily manage their content in a drag & drop way. 

Attracting customers and managing content across various sales touchpoints & digital channels is crucial to eCommerce businesses of any scale. Traditional CMS's, where the front and back-end are tied closely together, make it difficult to repurpose content for different channels. Storyblok makes that easy. We help merchants manage and deliver their content for any platform and every channel so they can focus on the important part: their products. 

Dominik Angerer, CEO & Co-Founder, at Storyblok.

The trend that is focused on API - tidy referred by Gartner as "composable commerce" - is definitely the future of building software, and eCommerce is at the forefront of the shift. In this sector, like nowhere else, the changes are happening in real-time, and technology must keep up with them. To do that, we must give up the "all-in-one" idea and instead closely collaborate with providers that are the best in their class. Storyblok is one of them.

For listening more about Storyblok & Alokai register for free at for a talk:
“A sneak peak into the future headless commerce by Samuel Snopko - Head of Developer Relations at Storyblok

The partnership between Storyblok and Alokai was a matter of time but now we officially tie a knot. 

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