Check out the open-source integration between Sylius and Alokai

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Check out the open-source integration between Sylius and Alokai



May 29, 2020

We are glad to announce that one of the Alokai Partner - BitBag eCommerce Software House - not only has created the ←→solution based on VSF but also share it with the community! The SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin, tiddly called the “bridge between Sylius and Alokai” is the fastest and most efficient way to turn your Sylius-based store into Progressive Web App.

Check the SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin on GitHub

BitBag becoming the partner of VueStorefront was just a matter of time since the company was a true PWA-believer, strongly engaged in open source. The partnership officially started in February, and now we’ve got a chance to ask some questions to Nicholas Kroll, CEO at BitBag.

Technical Whitepaper


Why makes you interested in PWA? 

Nicholas Kroll, CEO at BitBag: We feel like PWA will become the next standard of well-designed scalable web applications. At the same time, we think it matters especially in eCommerce. It gets with a lot of benefits our clients appreciate - headless oriented, great SEO , perfect mobile experience, and all-in-one native/web app that saves a lot of time, effort, and costs compared to the SPA + native iOS/Android approach.

What drew your attention to Alokai in particular?

Nicholas Kroll, CEO at BitBag: We have a lot of good experiences with Vue.js. We also like using open-source, in fact, we also do a lot of it ourselves. Seeing how dynamic the Alokai & Vue.js community grows determined our choice.

What is the SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin and what kind of benefits it brings?

Nicholas Kroll, CEO at BitBag: SyliusVueStorefrontPlugin is basically a Sylius to Alokai connector. It provides all the necessary API to switch the Sylius front-end from the standard server-rendered to Progressive Web App and gain from all its benefits. It saves a ton of time compared to from-scratch development being at the same time compatible with Sylius best coding standards and extendability.

What the architecture looks like? 

Nicholas Kroll, CEO at BitBag: The architecture is based on the VueStorefront API standard. It transforms all the Sylius resources into the proper API endpoints required by the PWA. The architecture is similar to Sylius Shop API that uses Command Pattern and the Elasticsearch part is based on Symfony FOS Elastica Bundle, inspired by our well-known SyliusElasticsearchPlugin . Symfony developers will feel like home, it’s even more true for people familiar with Sylius :)

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