We are back! Hackathon - New prizes, Dates & Donations for Ukraine

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We are back! Hackathon - New prizes, Dates & Donations for Ukraine

March 1, 2022

“Peace is always beautiful.”

Walt Whitman

Love, peace, and smiles are the best ways to create a world where everybody can live in peace and harmony.

We are living in the calmest era in human history. Some of us are not even aware of the actual damage and hardships ongoing war is causing in society. Because of this, we started our event with two great quotes from two geniuses of music and life, Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix. We added an extra topic dedicated to helping those suffering in the war in Ukraine.

With this addition, we want to create an opportunity so you can help others with one of the most priceless assets out there, your knowledge.

Technical Whitepaper


Extra prize pool

In the launch event , we announced a new extra event topic for the #TechForUkraine. This topic is 100% dedicated to helping those in need in these challenging times in Ukraine / Europe.

There is a new USD$500 prize dedicated to this matter, making our total prize pool of USD$2000.

Event extended

Also, in our launch event, we announced that we added another week to the event, making it officially from February 28th to March 14th.


Alokai will donate 150% of the total prize pool to support Ukraine. As a Polish company, we do our civil part by helping on-site and providing support to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters by all means.

How can you support Ukrainian civil society?

All help is needed. If you are not able to help locally, you can also:

If you are not yet registered for our hackathon, joining is straightforward. You need to chat with our event bot 🤖 on Discord and complete your registration within the Discord.  Pretty simple, hum?

Need help? Steps to register:

  1. Join in our Discord
  2. Go to #📝|register channel
  3. Use the command /user profile create to register (The Discord will ask for your Name, Email, GitHub)
  4. Use the command /team create to create your team
  5. To create a team use the command /team addmember


Check the original blog post announcing our hackathon for more information regarding the event.



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